dissabte, 12 de març de 2011

Today it's rainny and I dont' feel like doing anything because I feel very angry with myself.
The point is that in January I buy a palette in deal extreme for 2.45€, the price was nice but one month afther the bought I receive a mail from the web saying that this palette was out of stock and if I could choose any other item. But today I receive another email saying that the palette have been already send!

But the problem! For the moment I've bought two other palettes in Ebay. The first for 5€ and the second for 3€. You may think why two?
It's because I've two houses.

The conclusion is that yesterday I haven't got any shadow palette and now I'm waiting for three!
and i've spend around 11€ on it.

at the end I see this other palette from NARS for 7.70 € and I think: "I shoud buy it in fact this three I'm waiting for"
And this is what I hate myself.

But then I read that this palette from Nars is too shimery as I hate shimmer shadows I'm thinking that at the end I'm doing it in the correct way.

But I've to wait at less one month to receive the three palettes, so I promise a reviewe of the three the next month!

For the moment the pictures from the sellers.

and last but not the least, I'm selling on ebay the Estee lauder Night Repair for 2€!


far d'amor :)

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