dimarts, 3 de gener de 2012

Eyeshadow palette

Since this summer I've bought some new palettes and eyeshadows.

The firtst one is from a chinese bazar, the brand is YSSY, there are  6 eyeshadows and the aplicator. As usual I've lost the aplicator but I keep having the palette.
The eyeshadows are pink,purple, light brown,dark brown and vainilla. There's a color I can't describe but it's similar to coral.

The only color that have a good pigmentation is dark brown,the others seems like only shimmer.
The palette costs 1,50€

This october in my village there was a second hand market but I bought two new eyeshadows for 1€. Kiko eyeshadow nº 15 in light purple with shimmer and agatha ruiz de la prada duo in marina colors both colors of the duet are shimmer too.

When I bought this I went desesperated for matte eyeshadow, I love matte more than shimmer but it's difficult to find good matte eyeshadows at good price. 
Finally I found a 88 mate eyeshadow palette in a blog sale of the blog I am not a Robot at the price of 6€ (if I remember well) and the beauty uk palette for 1€. The contact with the owner of the blog was fast and friendly and the shipping too also the package was perfect to avoid any damage.

The 88 palette comes with a mirror and two applicators. The shadows are shimmer and matte and in my opinion well pigmented if we think in the price. Most of you think that these palettes are a lose of money but for a noop as I am and with two homes it's perfect because I can have this in one house and individual eyeshadows and other palettes in the other house.

The palette from beauty uk is "satin" except fo a dark brown which is not matte but not shimmer,have shimmer but less than the others.

Also marta from unpocodedistraccion send me as a gift to extra eyeshadows (shimmer!) a light purple and  a color that I love! similar to olive but lighter. 

 And this are the eyeshadows that I got since july.

Hope you like it.

As soon as I can i'll do a post with the swatches. I don't do this now because the post would be picture heavy.

Have a nice day and week :)

dilluns, 2 de gener de 2012


<a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-7dn7z1ZycGI/TkQjZvUwvVI/AAAAAAAAAUQ/lky0IeVrKDQ/s1600/DSCF3032.JPG">
Hoy toca una de pintalabios. Cuando os enseñe mi maquillaje no os enseñe ningun pintalabios por una simple razon: no tengo ninguno. Algunos son compartidos con mi hermana,otros con mi madre,pero mios solo tengo lip gloss o brillo de labios vaya.
Aunque tampoco os enseño foto de ellos porque estan en casa de mi madre (hoy estoy con mi padre) aunque si os puedo enseñar unos swatches que hice el otro dia ya pensando en esta entrada.

En casa de mi madre tengo estos:

<a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-7dn7z1ZycGI/TkQjZvUwvVI/AAAAAAAAAUQ/lky0IeVrKDQ/s1600/DSCF3032.JPG"><img alt="" border="0" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5639671558481952082" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-7dn7z1ZycGI/TkQjZvUwvVI/AAAAAAAAAUQ/lky0IeVrKDQ/s200/DSCF3032.JPG" style="cursor: hand; cursor: pointer; display: block; height: 150px; margin: 0px auto 10px; text-align: center; width: 200px;" /></a>Hay tres labiales y tres brillos. a la izquierda labiales y a la derecha brillos. como podeis ver el brillo rojo es mucho mas pigmentado que el labial

En casa de mi padre:

<a href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-5251c_c8mXQ/TkQmRqDPNNI/AAAAAAAAAUY/EEtA79OIaSs/s1600/DSCF3142.JPG"><img alt="" border="0" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5639674718162203858" src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-5251c_c8mXQ/TkQmRqDPNNI/AAAAAAAAAUY/EEtA79OIaSs/s200/DSCF3142.JPG" style="cursor: hand; cursor: pointer; display: block; height: 150px; margin: 0px auto 10px; text-align: center; width: 200px;" /></a><a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-YUnJ0Rpicuc/TkQmRxTrAFI/AAAAAAAAAUg/O1S3MTjc2P4/s1600/DSCF3146.JPG"><img alt="" border="0" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5639674720110182482" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-YUnJ0Rpicuc/TkQmRxTrAFI/AAAAAAAAAUg/O1S3MTjc2P4/s200/DSCF3146.JPG" style="cursor: hand; cursor: pointer; display: block; height: 150px; margin: 0px auto 10px; text-align: center; width: 200px;" /></a>
<a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-aydHrS7jh9o/TkQmSBsDtEI/AAAAAAAAAUo/dGK43nOtynI/s1600/DSCF3148.JPG"><img alt="" border="0" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5639674724507432002" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-aydHrS7jh9o/TkQmSBsDtEI/AAAAAAAAAUo/dGK43nOtynI/s200/DSCF3148.JPG" style="cursor: hand; cursor: pointer; display: block; height: 150px; margin: 0px auto 10px; text-align: center; width: 200px;" /></a><a href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-9zHs5LrogWo/TkQ1_7c59LI/AAAAAAAAAUw/zeQHvwhiJEY/s1600/DSCF3168.JPG"><img alt="" border="0" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5639692005781664946" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-9zHs5LrogWo/TkQ1_7c59LI/AAAAAAAAAUw/zeQHvwhiJEY/s200/DSCF3168.JPG" style="cursor: hand; cursor: pointer; display: block; height: 105px; margin: 0px auto 10px; text-align: center; width: 200px;" /></a>
Bueno esta entrada iba a ser para agosto de 2011,en verano cuando aun me dedicava al blog pero ahora nunca pienso en hacer entradas.
Desde agosto he adquirido dos pintalabios nuevos, uno de shana y uno de los chinos. estoy pensando en comprarme alguno de deliplus pero duele un poco gastarme 4,90 en un pintalabios.

Espero hacer una entrada pronto.

Feliz año nuevo :)