dimarts, 3 de gener de 2012

Eyeshadow palette

Since this summer I've bought some new palettes and eyeshadows.

The firtst one is from a chinese bazar, the brand is YSSY, there are  6 eyeshadows and the aplicator. As usual I've lost the aplicator but I keep having the palette.
The eyeshadows are pink,purple, light brown,dark brown and vainilla. There's a color I can't describe but it's similar to coral.

The only color that have a good pigmentation is dark brown,the others seems like only shimmer.
The palette costs 1,50€

This october in my village there was a second hand market but I bought two new eyeshadows for 1€. Kiko eyeshadow nº 15 in light purple with shimmer and agatha ruiz de la prada duo in marina colors both colors of the duet are shimmer too.

When I bought this I went desesperated for matte eyeshadow, I love matte more than shimmer but it's difficult to find good matte eyeshadows at good price. 
Finally I found a 88 mate eyeshadow palette in a blog sale of the blog I am not a Robot at the price of 6€ (if I remember well) and the beauty uk palette for 1€. The contact with the owner of the blog was fast and friendly and the shipping too also the package was perfect to avoid any damage.

The 88 palette comes with a mirror and two applicators. The shadows are shimmer and matte and in my opinion well pigmented if we think in the price. Most of you think that these palettes are a lose of money but for a noop as I am and with two homes it's perfect because I can have this in one house and individual eyeshadows and other palettes in the other house.

The palette from beauty uk is "satin" except fo a dark brown which is not matte but not shimmer,have shimmer but less than the others.

Also marta from unpocodedistraccion send me as a gift to extra eyeshadows (shimmer!) a light purple and  a color that I love! similar to olive but lighter. 

 And this are the eyeshadows that I got since july.

Hope you like it.

As soon as I can i'll do a post with the swatches. I don't do this now because the post would be picture heavy.

Have a nice day and week :)

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